Involving PTI in drafting TOR by Abdul Q Kundi

Following is my press statement about Parliamentary Committee on TOR and Ehtisab law: It seems we are going to continue making political errors. Our latest error is to agree on a joint parliamentary committee to prepare TOR. Instead of one there [...]

Impatient politicians and generals have damaged the nation by Abdul Q Kundi

Impatient politicians and Generals have damaged the progress of this nation. Opposition politicians are too impatient to ascend to power finding it unbearable for a government to complete its mandated tenure. Generals believe only they have [...]

CJ should invoke article 48 (1) & (2) for a referendum on JC by Abdul Q Kundi

Chief Justice (CJ) of Pakistan today sent a letter to the government to explain their position with reference to formation of a judicial commission (JC). Bottom line is that they want legislation that can provide platform for tangible results [...]

Request to COAS to walk the talk by Abdul Q Kundi

Janab General Raheel Sharif sb in your speech on April 19th in Kohat a promise was made that military will support all efforts for across the board accountability and that eradication of corruption is important to root out terrorism. Constitutionally [...]

Chief Justice should seek mandate through referendum by Abdul Q Kundi

Both government and opposition have rejected each other’s TOR while people at large have no confidence in it as well. Government has written to CJ to form a Judicial Commission. Based on this situation I request CJ of Pakistan to ask experts [...]

Referendum on Anti-corruption Act by Abdul Q Kundi

It is now abundantly clear that both treasury and opposition parties are not interested in eradicating corruption and tax evasion from this country. They are just playing a game of nora kushti to deceive the nation. Leaders of all three major [...]

TOR draft for Judicial Commission by Abdul Q Kundi

The TOR offered by both Government and opposition shows that they are not serious in accountability and punishment of tax evasion and corruption. The TOR of government is too broad while the TOR by the opposition seems to be an effort to provide [...]

Request to Chief Justice of Pakistan by Abdul Q Kundi

I would like to request Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan to form a judicial committee to investigate and prosecute members of the judiciary whose names have appeared in Panama Papers leak. The committee should also conduct review of all serving [...]