Referendum on Anti-corruption Act by Abdul Q Kundi

It is now abundantly clear that both treasury and opposition parties are not interested in eradicating corruption and tax evasion from this country. They are just playing a game of nora kushti to deceive the nation. Leaders of all three major [...]

Request to Chief Justice of Pakistan by Abdul Q Kundi

I would like to request Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan to form a judicial committee to investigate and prosecute members of the judiciary whose names have appeared in Panama Papers leak. The committee should also conduct review of all serving [...]

Caste system of Pakistan by Abdul Q Kundi

The independence movement for Pakistan was based on two nation theory. The theory proposed that Muslims are different from majority Hindus based on religion and the values proposed by it. One of the key difference was that Hindu religion sanctioned [...]

Panama Papers – how to investigate by Abdul Q Kundi

There is a famous axiom when there is will there is a way. It seems there is no will in PML N, PPP and PTI to investigate Panama Paper leaks that is the reason they can’t find a viable option to start it. The reason is obvious there are people [...]

PM Speech on Panama Papers by Abdul Q Kundi

PM made a very interesting political speech. It had three parts. In the first part he pleaded being a victim of aggression by former governments of Pakistan as well as separation of East Pakistan. In the second part he announced himself not [...]