Is the USA losing AFGHANISTAN?

Sixteen long years of conflict, occupation, and hundreds of billions of dollars later and it would seem logical to think that the US and NATO could have managed to have the situation under control and Afghanistan would be close to reaching [...]

Absence of a doctrine by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Relations between states are increasingly complex because of the globalization of world community and emergence of multilateral regional and world forums. There are two overriding interests, security and trade, that drive any foreign policy. [...]

Afghan sense of insecurity by Abdul Q Kundi

Former Afghan Intelligence Chief Amrullah Saleh wrote an opinion piece for Aljazeera in which he placed all blame for Afghan misery on Pakistan. He seems to be devoid of Afghan history and tradition. He forgot that Afghan’s don’t get tired [...]

Ukraine and First World War by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

On July 28th, 2014 the world will mark the centennial of First World War. In that war France and Britain were on one side while Germany and Turkey on the other. Russia in that war toggled between these two competing alliances. The war resulted [...]

Jostling for power by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Diplomacy is considered akin to a game of chess. Each move by one player pushes all others to recalculate their position sometimes at the cost of giving up a piece. The three main players on the diplomatic chess board are Russia, China and United [...]

Afghanistan after 2014 withdrawal of NATO forces by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

I don’t agree with Pakistan’s foreign policy position that the solution to Afghan crisis should be Afghan led and Afghan owned. I have conveyed this to our PTI foreign policy team on various occasions. I have following arguments in support [...]