Supreme Court on Panama Papers by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

I am a follower of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Quaid e Azam in my political life. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) left a lot of political tradition that we conveniently ignore and focus more on only the symbolic tradition of his. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) [...]

Impatient politicians and generals have damaged the nation by Abdul Q Kundi

Impatient politicians and Generals have damaged the progress of this nation. Opposition politicians are too impatient to ascend to power finding it unbearable for a government to complete its mandated tenure. Generals believe only they have [...]

CJ should invoke article 48 (1) & (2) for a referendum on JC by Abdul Q Kundi

Chief Justice (CJ) of Pakistan today sent a letter to the government to explain their position with reference to formation of a judicial commission (JC). Bottom line is that they want legislation that can provide platform for tangible results [...]

Referendum on Anti-corruption Act by Abdul Q Kundi

It is now abundantly clear that both treasury and opposition parties are not interested in eradicating corruption and tax evasion from this country. They are just playing a game of nora kushti to deceive the nation. Leaders of all three major [...]

Request to Chief Justice of Pakistan by Abdul Q Kundi

I would like to request Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan to form a judicial committee to investigate and prosecute members of the judiciary whose names have appeared in Panama Papers leak. The committee should also conduct review of all serving [...]

PM 2nd address to nation and JC TOR by Abdul Q Kundi

Prime Minister of Pakistan made an important follow up address to the nation today. The speech had five distinct elements in it: He emphasized that he is son of the soil and that he loves the country more than himself. If that is the case then [...]

JC summons ROs, PTI hesitant to present its Chairman as a witness

Judicial Commission formed to inquire into systematic rigging in 2013 elections today summoned 7 Returning Officers (ROs) that were involved in constituencies were PML Q candidates lost their elections. Counsel of PML Q Khalid Ranjha made statements [...]