IMF releases 1st installment of Loan of $540m to Pakistan

International Monetary Fund has released the first installment of loan amounting to $540 Million to Pakistan. IMF was approved $6.7 billion for Pakistan for the purpose of revival of Pakistan’s economic reforms on September 4, 2013 with [...]

Pakistan accepts IMF conditions to secure $6.7 billion loan

Government of Pakistan took a sigh of relief when IMF Board of Directors approved a new $6.7billion loan facility. This will provide government a breathing space to meet its financial obligations. The foreign exchange reserves had fallen dangerously [...]

Tax reforms produce good results

Tax reforms introduced by the PML N government have started showing good results according to the Ministry of Finance officials. In July the tax collection has increased by 134 billion rupees due to the rise in sales tax from 16% to 17%. Government [...]

We have not increased debt burden to clear circular debt: Ishaq Dar

Pakistan’s Finance Minister in an exclusive interview with Hamid Mir of Geo news said that the government has not incurred more debt to clear circular debt of power generation companies. He said that because of this step there is now additional [...]

PTI and PML N does not have the will to collect taxes from all: Dr Shahid Hassan

Government has succumbed to the pressure of IMF according to prominent economist Dr. Shahid Hassan. He said that the new agreement calls for three years monitoring of government budget. He said that everyone pays their tax dues than government [...]

Pakistan is not seeking any new loans: Ishaq Dar

Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar issued a statement that the government is not seeking any new loans that will burden the country. He said that the loans are sought to repay an upcoming payment so it will not increase the loan burden [...]

We need bailout funds from IMF: Ishaq Dar

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in a statement said that government of Pakistan will approach IMF for a bailout fund of $5 billion. He said that at this moment IMF bailout can not avoided to make the economy resurrect enough to stand on its own. [...]

IMF estimates Pakistan’s population to reach 200 million

Visiting delegation of IMF has shared their estimates with the government officials in a meeting held on Wednesday in Islamabad. According to IMF the next fiscal year spending is 13% of GDP. They also informed the officials that if control measures [...]

Pakistan seeks 5 billion dollars from IMF

A visiting delegation of IMF held discussions with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. The Minister briefed the delegation on the steps taken by the government to streamline the revenue and expenses as well as increase the tax collection. Government [...]

Pakistan and IMF starts negotiations today in Islamabad

A 10 member delegation of IMF headed by Jeffry Frank has arrived in Islamabad and is holding discussions with Pakistani officials. Pakistani negotiating team is headed by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and helped by officials from Ministry of Finance. Ishaq [...]