Asad Umar neither here nor there by Abdul Q Kundi

If someone asks me to explain politics of Asad Umar in one sentence. I would say he is neither here nor there. When he joined PTI all of us had a lot of hope that he will stand with principles and ideology but evidence of last three years is [...]

اَب تیرا کیا ھوگا کالیا!!! محبوب اسلم

یہ ھے وہ سوال جو کل ایک نون لیگ کے سپوٹر نے مجھ سے کیا۔۔۔اُسکا اشارہ شایدآزاد کشمیر میں پی ٹی آئی کی بد ترین شکست کیطرف تھا۔۔۔لیکن وہ بھولا [...]

Imran Khan and his two wolves by Waqar Mohammad

Imran Khan made a commitment to make Pakistan a better place for the poor and rid the culture of open-corruption and nepotism that is rife in the nation. The aptly named ‘movement for justice’ was a perfect start for the cause. Without [...]

Fake PTI Convention to legitimize JKT and SMQ/Saif by Abdul Q Kundi

As you all know a fake PTI convention is planned to be held in Islamabad on July 20th. Before I talk about the convention it is important to clarify that both JKT and SMQ can play a role in the party. But that role has to be based on their capability [...]

Failed Jahangir Khan Tareen Jalsa in Sialkot by Abdul Q Kundi

Sialkot is a progressive city and an industrial business hub. When I was President of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce-USA I had an opportunity to meet with Sialkot Chamber leaders many times and always found them to be much ahead of other cities [...]

PTI gang of 7 back in action by Abdul Q Kundi

It is confirmed again that gang of 7 is totally against building PTI an institution. Three of them have already notified themselves to their old positions through illegitimate and unconstitutional notices. These are Jahangir Khan Tareen (JKT), [...]

Gag order by PTI central disciplinary committee by Abdul Q Kundi

Central Disciplinary Committee (CDC) of PTI has issued a gag order against criticism of party policies. This gag order is not unexpected as whenever close friends of IK like JKT. SMQ, Pervez Khattak and Aleem Khan are criticized then decisions [...]

De-notification of Jahangir Tareen and Shah Mehmood Qureshi by Abdul Q Kundi

I sent a petition to Disciplinary Committee of PTI to de-notify unconstitutional appointment of JKT and SMQ as Secretary General and Vice Chairman respectively. First of all I want to thank all of you for always supporting our cause for institutionalization [...]

Unconstitutional notification of JKT and SMQ by Abdul Q Kundi

One of the most important ingredient of a good organization is legitimate authority. In the absence of legitimacy those appointed to a position have no authority to make decisions that are binding on the organization. Another important concept [...]

Ch. Sarwar interview on Naya Pakistan by Abdul Q Kundi

I believe political parties are public properties rather than family enterprises. The debate about how a party should be managed is a public debate rather than delegated to handful of individual members. I saw a very interesting interview of [...]