OMG!!! Foolish Solution

OMG!!! Foolish Solution to cross the way. Funny

Foolish act with Donkey

Crazy guys doing foolish act with the poor Donkey

Foolish guy

Foolish guys are performing the foolish competition.

OMG!!! Foolish Jeep Driver

OMG!!! This guy has gone really insane. He is trying to climb his jeep like this but he fell down gravely along with jeep. Amazing and foolish stunt. 😀 Click here for More Videos 😀 Follow @getpakistan on Twitter

Innocent Girl

This girl is really innocent and fool as well as what is the boy doing with her ??? Awesome 😀 Click here for More Videos 😀 Follow @getpakistan

Ha Ha Ha – Foolish Man Cycling on the Wall

Ha Ha Ha – Watch out this Foolish Man who is cycling on the wall without any experience but what happened later ??? 😀 Click here for More Videos 😀 Worldtalk.tv on

OMG!! Foolish Father

Kid is more intelligent than father as the kid is capable to kid cross the way but father failed. Funny Situation. 😀 Click here for More Videos 😀

Ha Ha Ha !!! Foolish Husband

Ha Ha Ha !!! Most hilarious video of a couple and watch out the foolish act of a husband. 😀 Click here for More Videos 😀

OMG!! Foolish Man VS Crocodile

Watch out what this foolish guy doing with the crocodile. Most foolish act. 😀 Click here for More Videos

Foolish Stunt – Failed

OMG!!! Stunt failed and guy fell down so badly. If he is not an expert then he should have not performed like this. 😀 Click here for More Videos 😀