Budget 2016-17: a directionless heap of numbers by Abdul Q Kundi

I have been reading and watching the debate on Budget 2016-17. I can’t call myself an expert in the area but as a former President of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce-USA and head of money market fixed income in an investment bank I may seek your [...]

Supreme Court rules against the government to impose higher GST

Supreme Court issued an order today to instruct the government that their action to raise GST through an ordinance is unconstitutional and the government must stop collecting it. Government has issued an ordinance on June 13th to collect GST [...]

Balochistan budget estimated to be 1 trillion 90 billion

Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr. Abdul Malik will present the budget for fiscal year 2013-14 in the special session of the provincial assembly today. It is estimated that the total budget outlay will be Rs. 1 trillion 90 billion. Salaries of [...]

FBR issues list of items exempt from GST

Central board of Revenue (CBR) of Pakistan has issued a list of items that are exempt from payment of GST. These items mostly include basic food staples like milk, bread, sugar and cooking oil. FBR also issued items on which the GST will not [...]

Attorney general defends immediate imposition of GST

Attorney General (AJ) of Pakistan Munir A Malik has defended the decision of the government to impose GST before the approval of budget by the national assembly. A case has been filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan to prevent the government [...]

Ishaq Dar defends 1% increase in the GST

Briefing the Senate Standing Committee on Finance, Senator Ishaq Dar refuse to give in to the pressure from the opposition party to reduce GST to the prior level of 16%. In the new budget the government has proposed the GST to be 17%. He said [...]

Sindh, Punjab and KPK budgets will be announced on Monday

It is expected that Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial governments will announce their budgets on Monday June 17th. According to reports Sindh government will increase salaries of government employees by 15%. Total size of the Sindh [...]

Apka refused to accept 10% increase in salaries

Apka, trade union representing government employees, has refused to accept 10% raise in the salaries. They have threatened to hold a nationwide strike on June 19th if their demands are not met the government. In the latest budget announced by [...]