Imran Khan PTI-L

Imran khan in state of denial & ppp confirms – Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

When we issued the statement that PTI members will not participate in PAT protests that made Imran Khan very angry as he likes total control as a civilian dictator. It is because party members now pay attention and follow our advice. Yesterday [...]
Asif Ali Zardari lacks support from PPP

Asif Zardari lacks support from PPP for joining PAT Protest by Abdul Q Kundi

As a member of opposition coalition, we keep contact with PPP parliamentarians and other party officials. From these, the sense we get is that Asif Ali Zardari does not enjoy party-wide support to join the PAT protest to be launched on Jan [...]
Crisis in Baluchistan - Abdul Q Kundi

Two Bhashans & Crisis in Baluchistan by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

As you all know this is a Bhashan (election) Year so yesterday two bhashans were delivered. One by Mian Nawaz Sharif in Kot Momin and the other in Chakwal by Imran Khan. There were many common features in both. Both were devoid of depth [...]
Confused Nawaz Sharif - Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Confused Nawaz Sharif does not know who is real ladla – Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Civilian dictator, former ladla & PM/CM, and spiritual son of Gen Zia, Nawaz Sharif held a press talk today. This press talk showed the confusions in his mind. It is for this reason he always chooses not to take any questions from the [...]
DG ISPR press conference

DG ISPR press conference & commitment to democracy by Abdul Q Kundi

I wish you all an advance new years greetings and pray that it brings prosperity and happiness to all of you individually and to the Pakistani nation collectively. Before commenting on DG ISPR press conference I would like to reiterate that [...]
American Security Strategy

American Security Strategy is driven by fear – Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

This month US President Donald Trump announced his National Security Strategy. If it can be summed up in one word then the strategy is driven by fear. A country or a family that is gripped by fear engages in building walls, new weapons are [...]
FATA Reforms by Abdul Q Kundi

FATA Reforms by Abdul Q. Kundi

There has been an extensive debate on FATA Reforms in the country both inside parliament as well as in the media and civic forums. So far, I have not commented on this important national matter because I wanted to listen to all the voices [...]
PTI-L (lotas) by Abdul Q Kundi

PTI will dismantle PTI-L (lotas) by Abdul Q. Kundi

Friends and investors of Imran Khan that form PTI-L (lotas) believe in only one principle me, myself and my family. They also pursue the ideology of sherwani zindabad. Jahangir Tareen manipulated Bani Gala and bought Imran Khan to get a notification [...]
Popes of Pakistan

Popes of Pakistan by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

God has instructed us in Sura Al-Asr: By time, Indeed, mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.  But it seems this guidance is [...]
Charter of Dharna (COD) by Abdul Q Kundi

PTI-L, PPP & PAT Charter of Dharna (CoD) helping PML N by Abdul Q Kundi

Pakistani voters and nation are tired of politics of agitation and dharna. But it seems undemocratic parties PTI-L (lotas), PAT and PPP as well as some in the third umpire believe it is still a useful tool. Imagine PTI-L, PAT, PPP, TLYR, JI, [...]