Unexpected defeat : Korea wins against Pakistan in Hockey World Cup

The Korean Hockey Team defeated Pakistan Hockey Team with 2-1 score in the ongoing Semi Final Match of Asian Hockey World Cup today i.e Friday 30th August 2013.

Such tragedy has happened for the first time with Pakistan Hockey team in the last 42 years that the team could not reach at the destination even disqualified to play for World Cup Final.

Coach Tahir Zaman stated his version that however it is a bad news for Pakistan Hockey Team that the team is out of the World Cup but the will never give up hope for future matches even team will adopt more energetic strategy to maintain the position of the team in the World.

South Korea coach Shin Seok Kyo also told that though it is regret that Pakistan could not be succeeded to qualify the Semi Final World Cup but our team will go ahead to create history by winning the Asia World Cup for the fourth time.

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