PP30 Sargodha is a challenge for PTI – Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

On March 4th there will be voting for PP30 Sargodha by-election. We have done our due diligence on the candidate and he meets the basic criteria. I request all PTI members to provide full support to our candidate so that we can show that the next election will be a contest between PTI that wants to reform Pakistan and PMLN which is a party of status quo and represent ruling elite. I am intentionally withholding the name of the candidate because this should be a contest between two ideologies. Our candidate is an unknown person while PML N candidate is from the ruling elite. Our candidate is supported by the passion of PTI activists while PML N candidate is supported by the deep pockets and government network.

I want all of you in Sargodha to knock at every door and seek their vote. Conduct small town hall meetings and reject any big jalsa that is only good for selfie politicians. Tell the voters that all these motorways, power plants, and metros have been built using the money of Pakistani taxpayer especially educated middle class. Tell them Kings of PML N had to deliver good governance because we have been breathing down their necks for last 8 years. Tell them that only making us win can create a challenge for Kings of PML N which will push them to deliver more.

Avoid selfies and do the real work by knocking on every door in Sargodha to deliver this message. Good luck and inshallah I will be in touch with you. We will post a lot of selfies when we win in PP30 and that will be well-deserved celebration.

All those from outside Sargodha please do not interfere in this election campaign as it creates hurdles rather than help. Secondly, in general election our local team has to contest so this is good training for them.

This election is very important to show that only PTI has the capability win and PTI-L (lotas) is a loser.

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