NA-154 Lodhran by election is a big loss for PTI-L (lotas) – Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

On January 26th we issued a public statement that PTI will not support PTI-L (lotas) candidate Ali Tareen for NA154 Lodhran by-election. Why is everyone surprised that PTI-L (Lotas) lost this election? Could they win without PTI votes? I am not at all surprised by the result. We have been saying consistently that PTI will not support PTI- L candidates. This is the second time we have convincingly proved that PTI-L is zero without PTI. The first time we showed our resolve in Mall Road dharna on Jan 17th which flopped because we reject it.

I am an unconventional politician and rarely do selfie or appear in dogfights on a talk show. Because of this low profile both Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen that are sitting on top of mount arrogance ignore our public position. On December 31st I sent a private message to Jahangir Tareen, I want him to read that message again and think about it. But they should know that when we issue a public position it is not based on gut feeling or intuition. We spoke to PTI members in Punjab and knew the real standing of the candidate. I also kept close track of the election campaign and the result confirms what I heard from the ground.

All top leaders of PTI-L including Shah Mehmood, Ch Sarwar, Aleem Khan, and Ishaq Khakwani was there. The famous selfie politician from Sind Haleem Adil Sheikh especially went to NA154. In other words, it was a contest between PTI-L all-stars against no stars candidate. They all went to appease and stoke the egos of Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen so that their tickets for next election is confirmed. But all these selfie politicians have zero political acumen or capability to plan a winning election campaign. We have told Imran Khan repeatedly that these people can only deliver a fresh ganay ka juice to him in 2018 general elections. Today this has proven yet again.

We want PTI to win in next general elections.  Inshallah, we will announce criteria for candidates as well as a manifesto that resonates with people. We are already developing a list of PTI candidates so please send a list of honest and capable people in your area to be included. Imran Khan has a choice to make. He can continue relying on the political garbage collected in PTI-L and lose in 2018 or he can lead PTI to a win. He should know that PTI will not support PTI-L candidates. The choice is his but we will continue working to strengthen PTI with or without him.

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