PTI will not vote for PTI-L candidates – Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Former President of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce-USA and PTI Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued a public statement about passage of delimitation of constituency bill.

Delimitation of constituency bill was passed today which means now everything is on track to hold general elections in August 2018. In 2013 general elections, PTI activists and voters supported Imran Khan candidates despite his confession that no merit was exercised in awarding tickets. In 2013, everyone told me that it is important to gain power rather than being too idealistic. But now after four and a half years, it is clear to all PTI members and supporters that it was a big mistake to support status quo candidates that were given tickets without due diligence and they used PTI for their self and family interests. The embarrassment caused by mauroosi siasat in KP; Johny walker honey of Ali Amin Gandapur; failure to deliver in KP; and corruption allegations in KP government has made it clear that candidates should meet PTI criteria.

Inshallah for 2018 general elections PTI will announce its candidate list which is progressing well. PTi activists will only support their candidate list and will not support any candidate announced by illegitimate and unconstitutional office holders that form PTI-L (losers or lotas). We are waiting for ECP verdict on fake and unconstitutional intra-party election which is expected to be announced on April 28th to develop our future strategy.

Abdul Q Kund is a candidate for NA-240 Karachi which is a diverse and blue collar constituency. His activism for the rights of labour and uplift of poor has compelled him to contest from this constituency.

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