PTI-L Petition in SC will generate sympathy vote for NS & PML N: Abdul Q Kundi

Former member of PTI Central Tarbiyati Council & candidate NA-240 Karachi, Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued following statement about petition in Supreme Court to repeal article 203 of election bill 2017:

Imran Khan chose not to attend the NA session that debated amendment to article 203 to bar disqualified person to hold party office. After failing in parliament they are now pursuing Supreme Court to strike the article out from election bill 2017. It is a wrong political strategy because exactly same scenario happened when Panama Papers petitions were filed. This time also registrar returned the petition but CJP accepted it after in-chamber appeal. Now this has become a win-win political situation for PML N. If SC strikes down the law they will cry foul play by undemocratic institutions & conspiracy against PML N and if it is maintained they will celebrate victory for supremacy of Parliament.

It is a wrong political move and I oppose it not just because of politics but also because it will set precedence for future parliaments ability to legislate. A better approach will be to pursue narrative that PML N manipulated parliament to facilitate one individual that was disqualified by SC and facing corruption references in NAB. The law can be amended by future parliament when opposition parties of today gain majority.

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