DIG East confirms arrested suspect Waseem not behind Karachi knife attacks

KARACHI: In a briefing to a Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights on Tuesday, DIG East Sultan Khawaja confirmed that the suspect Waseem who had been arrested on Sunday is not behind Karachi’s knife attacks.

On Sunday, the police claimed to have arrested the perceived Karachi’s mysterious ‘knifeman’ in a joint operation of Punjab and Karachi police conducted in Mandi Bahauddin.

He further apprised that there is no evidence that suggests that Waseem had come to Karachi.

As per briefing to the committee, Waseem used 16 different SIMs and mobile phone sets; however, none of the SIMs were identified to have been used to make or receive calls from Karachi.

DIG East apprised that thirteen reported incidents were similar in nature. As many as 17 women with different backgrounds and age groups have become a victim of stabbing in Karachi in various localities of Gulistan-i-Jauhar and Gulshan-i-Iqbal since September 25, triggering fear and panic among residents.

As per reports, 38 suspects are currently being investigated by police authorities. They had been taken into custody during various raids and search operations in the metropolis.

The police officer informed that data had already been acquired from three mental institutions and a probe into the incidents is underway.

Furthermore, Additional Inspector General (AIG) Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar apprised the committee that the police are investigating the incidents from several angles.

The police are also watching out for militant wings since members of the militant wings have been arrested for attacking women in the past.

Following the arrest of suspect Waseem who had been allegedly involved in knife attacks in Karachi’s Gulistan-i-Jauhar and Gulshan-i-Iqbal, the Punjab police had allowed only ‘limited access’ to Sindh police for interrogating the accused, media reports had confirmed on Monday.

Punjab police officials had told police authorities in Sindh that they wanted to investigate the recent attacks on women in Lahore first. Therefore, the Punjab police had shown resistance in handing over the suspect to the Sindh police.

Another girl was reportedly attacked by a sharp object in Karachi’s Azizabad on Monday night. This made her the 17th victim of the mysterious ‘knifeman’ who has been terrorising women in the port city since September 25.

As per police reports, the girl was attacked from the back when she was riding on a motorcycle with her brother.

SSP Central stated that medical reports revealed that the victim was wounded just below the shoulder, adding that the nature of the weapon used in the attack is yet to be determined. The victim had been later shifted to the hospital for medical treatment.

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