Russian Deep Sea Fisherman Shares the Alien-Like Fish He Catches in the Ocean

Despite what The Little Mermaid tells us, “under the sea” can be utterly terrifying. Fisherman Roman Fedortsov knows this better than anyone. Working out of Murmansk, Russia, he regularly tweets pictures of the oddities that he catches while on the water. The deep sea fish, while fascinating, look like they’re from an ocean-themed horror film. Or, as The Moscow Times aptly described them, like monsters from Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Perhaps the most unnerving thing about Fedortsov’s finds are their teeth. All too often, the fish will have a human-like set of chompers or rows of tiny daggers that line their mouths. This makes even the bravest of us squirm, but we’ve got to commend this fisherman—he handles them all without fear (and many times, gloves). Check out some of his peculiar picks, below.

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