After Sonu Nigam, Another Actress Slams Azaan On Loudspeakers, Calls it ‘Uncivilised’

It wasn’t long ago when Sonu Nigam raised ears/brows with his now (in)famous Azaan rant on Twitter. Yes, it might have led to Fatwas against him, subsequently making him shave his head to maintain his stand but his voice echoed for a long time and how!
In fact, it kicked off a debate, dividing the entire nation into more than two halves. Some spoke against and some spoke for, but ‘forced religiousness’ became the dining-room talk in every family. So much so, that Sonu had to quit Twitter to lessen the noise he had complained about in the first place. But just when we thought that was it, a new tweet has surfaced around the corner.

Actress-Singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi has now joined the bandwagon, deeming Azaan on loudspeakers as ‘imposed religiosity.’ She tweeted,

That was not it. She took on trolls who tried to teach her about her religion.

FYI it is not Sagarika Ghose, you see. It’s a parody account.

Later, she also went on to explain what exactly bothers her.

In fact, Suchitra feels that the Azaan has gotten louder after Sonu’s resistance.

Wondering when this tirade will end? Only time will tell. Until then, let’s hope that it ends with a solution and not another Fatwa.

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