PPP, PML N & Military dictators run foreign affairs as personal affairs Inbox: Abdul Q Kundi

Former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee and Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued following press statement:
After my statement, in response to Ambassador Hussain Haqqani oped in Washington Post about allowing the presence of CIA in Pakistan there has been an explanation provided by Ambassador Sherry Rehman but she failed to provide answers to the questions raised. In fact, her responses can be considered as a confirmation rather than a denial. All autocratic political parties and military dictators believe foreign affairs should be run as personal affairs. PML-N has many questions to answer about nature of their relationship with Saudi Arabia and Qatar. General Musharraf has made many public statements that he considered foreign affairs should be a personal chemistry with a foreign leader. Former COAS General Ashraf Parvez Kayani submitted a 59-page memo to President Obama without using the proper channel of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nowadays PTI Chairman Imran Khan and PPPP President Asif Ali Zardari are meeting with foreign ambassadors without the presence of a note taker from Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A similar situation is when COAS meets with foreign visitors without the presence of a note taker from the foreign affairs ministry.
This practice has to stop. In every meeting, of a politician or key position holder, with a foreign dignitary or an ambassador Ministry of Foreign Affairs should give a background briefing as well as remain present to take the notes. These meetings do not happen with individuals but with politicians and policy makers that hold an official position. Unless and until this practice of personal affairs is not stopped Pakistan will continue experiencing interference from outside powers.
Here is link to Sherry Rehman denial to the questions raised:

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