Parliamentarians agreed to military courts after securing their own self interests: Abdul Q Kundi

Former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee and Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued a press statement about installation of military courts.

It is unfortunate that once again parliamentarians agreed to military courts after securing their own self-interests rather than conditioning it to the reform of the judicial system. {PTI without due consideration to the issue has already given unconditional support to it which shows their lack of depth. It is widely believed that PPP objected to the military courts because they feared it could be used against them giving an example of Dr. Asim. They lifted their objections once securing some amendments that could prevent that. In other words, they did not seek reform of the judicial system as a condition to accept military courts. This is really unfortunate. It is this fear I had expressed in my earlier statement that these short sighted politician will agree to military courts without giving anything in return to the nation. It is this kind of attitude that has tarnished the image of politicians and created a gulf between them and the people.

The nation will not agree to military courts until a parliamentary committee is first formed to overhaul and reform Pakistan Penal Code and Pakistan Code of Civil Procedures. This condition has to be met before a bill is tabled in the assembly for installation of military courts. Military agreeing to these courts without ensuring reform of judicial system will send a wrong signal. It will create a perception that it is only interested in extending its own powers rather than help to strengthen civilian institutions.
PPP central leader and Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani has also issued a statement strongly objecting to the formation of military courts without taking steps to reform the judicial system. He has strongly criticized the PML N government for failing to take steps when military courts were formed earlier. He said that despite repeated reminders the government failed to act to consider the draft proposals prepared by Senate.

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