Terrorist attack in all four provinces means we have to fight back as one nation: Abdul Q Kundi

Member of PTI and political activist Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued following press statement on the terrorist attack in Sehwan targeting shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar:

In last three days, terrorists have carried out attacks in all four provinces of the country. In other words, they are now challenging the whole nation. We have to respond to this challenge as one nation. Inshallah, we will prevail over them and emerge stronger than before. Federal and provincial governments should get together with counter-terrorism intelligence agencies, and local law enforcement to devise effective strategies to defeat their plans. The series of attacks in last four days suggest that there is a lack of cooperation, coordination, and trust between various state agencies. It is true that soft targets are always difficult to protect with a fool proof security but most of the times these attacks succeed because they are not thwarted when hatched. There may be foreign hand in these attacks but it is also a fact that facilitators and supporters are all local.

Government and security agencies have to take the nation into confidence by being more forthcoming in sharing information and prevention plans. The most important piece missing in the past plans is the development of a counter-narrative and ensuring hate mongers are apprehended and punished.

I pray for the deceased souls and condole with the grieving families.

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