Charsadda attack: No Action Plan (NAP) to uproot terrorist network- Abdul Q Kundi

Former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee and Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued a press statement after Charsadda terrorist attack:

I salute the brave policeman of KP that stopped terrorists who wanted to inflict heavy casualties on civilians in the Charsadda attack today. May God bless the martyred and give speedy recovery to injured.

Terrorist attacks in last one week suggest they have a well thought out strategy to target state institutions of police and judiciary to create a perception of a failed state. Civilians, paramilitary, and police have faced major casualties in these attacks. In response to that, there seems to be No Action Plan (NAP) to uproot the source of terrorist networks. Using Rangers, setting up military courts, and geo-tagging madrassas do not address the root cause of the terrorist problem. It seems all political parties are reluctant to deal with the crisis at hand. There also seems to be a disconnect between civilian and military establishment about how to deal with the issue. All efforts are to contain the last mile in the terrorist attacks which is to apprehend the executioners of attacks rather than counter the narratives and punish masterminds.

We need a holistic solution that should include a counter-narrative developed with help from religious scholars; improving the public K12 education system; reforming the judicial system, regulating and monitoring madrassahs; implement FATA reforms; and reforming mosque management.

What Next?

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