Bollywood Actress Visited Pakistan

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The Bhatts have always shared a warm equation with Pakistan.

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has been a long-standing campaigner for Pak-India peace and daughter Pooja Bhatt shares the same sentiments, even walking the ramp at Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) — twice!

However, the actress was in town recently but not on business; apparently, she flew to Lahore to attend pal Ali Azmat’s birthday bash and later visited Karachi.


She even captured this heart-warming moment between the former Junoon singer and his daughter.

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More food! It’s like she’s our spirit animal.

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She even took a moment to appreciate all the errr street art we’ve got.

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The lucky Patari gang got to hang with Bhatt too!

Wonder if she liked Lahore better or Karachi

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Here’s hoping she’s back soon.

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