IMF loan package will devastate Pakistan’s economy – A.P.B.F

Mr. Nabeel Hashmi, Chairman All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) has lamented over the aftermath of $6.7 billion IMF loan granted to Pakistan. He said that such terms & conditions of IMF loan will devastate the economy of Pakistan as price will definitely hike on all the edible goods, fuel, utility bills etc. It is purely a big loss for general public and business community to endure such price elevation.

Rulers should initiate action towards going up dearness even should knock down such intolerable price hike.

Chairman APBF urges the government of Pakistan to look into the matter considerably otherwise such policy there will be adverse impact on the economic condition of Pakistan.

He further added that he has perturbed over the promise of PML N government so-called business friendly government. He raised his voice for the business community that how the present government will face the power crises, up going dearness etc such crises have already put the industrial sectors in deep troubles. Government should focus on the present deplorable condition of economy of the country.

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