06 Schemes to strengthen the economy launched by PM Pakistan

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif has announced six schemes for the young but deserving people during his second address to the nation for the sake of revival of economy of Pakistan.

These 06 Schemes are launched by the PM to decline unemployment especially for educated and young people which include Small Business Loan Scheme, Youth Training Scheme, Youth Skilled Development Scheme, Laptops etc.

The educated people especially those who have completed their sixteen years of education but still seeking for job can take advantage from Youth Training Scheme in which they would be given practical training which will help them in securing jobs at home or abroad.

Small Business Loan Scheme has been designed for unemployed‚ especially educated youth to enable them to start their own businesses. Initially 50% loans would be given to women through National Bank of Pakistan and First Women Bank. According to the PM, another scheme Youth Skilled Development Scheme is being launched for boys and girls who have passed 8th class.

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