PTI and PML N does not have the will to collect taxes from all: Dr Shahid Hassan

Government has succumbed to the pressure of IMF according to prominent economist Dr. Shahid Hassan. He said that the new agreement calls for three years monitoring of government budget. He said that everyone pays their tax dues than government will collect additional 2600 billion rupees which will cover the current deficit of 1700 billion rupees.

He said that both PTI and PML N do not have the back bone to impose taxes on powerful lobbies in Pakistan. He said that because of bad tax policies of the government Pakistan’s economic growth has been slow and unemployment very high.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar issued a statement that the purpose of IMF loan is to strengthen the economy and we are not begging for it. He said that our target is to grow the economy by 15%. Ishaq Dar also said that the agreement with IMF has to be approved by the council of common interest to ensure that everyone is on board.

IMF head for Pakistan Jeffry Frank said that a loan proposal of 5.3 billion dollars will be presented to IMF board approval in their September meeting.

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