People involved in rental power scams are criticizing us: Khawaja Asif

Minister of Water and Power Khawaja Asif said that we promised to solve the load shedding crisis on priority within 6 months and we are on track to maintain this promise. He said that electricity need is around 18,500MW while our system is generating between 14000 to 14500MW. So there is a shortfall but soon we will close this supply demand gap.

He said I can not role out corruption is present in WAPDA but we are trying to contain it as soon as possible. He agreed that it is not possible to provide electricity throughout Pakistan during iftar and Sehr hours. He also complained that media focuses on the negative news especially when some local transfer burns out due to heavy load. He requested media to be balanced in its reporting.

He agreed with a media question that WAPDA needs quality personnel that are honest, hardworking and capable. He said that introducing capable people will take sometime because we have to follow a hiring procedure to appoint people at key positions. He said people engaged in rental power scams are now criticizing us within 30 days of our assuming power. He denied corruption allegation in Nandipur Power Plant. He said that no bids are awarded yet so how can corruption allegations are levied against us. He said we are not afraid of any media monitoring as it is good for transparency.

Answering a question Khawaja Asif said that electric subsidies will be maintained at a level so that the poor segments of the society get maximum benefit. He said that subsidized number of units is not finalized yet but will be in the range of 150 to 300.

Khawaja Asif appealed to the upper middle class not to engage in electricity theft or wastage.

He said that subsidized gas to fertilizer plants was supposed to be passed on to the farmer in the form of cheaper fertilizer but instead these companies are earning fat profits.  He said that 27 crore worth of gas theft was caught in Faisalabad. He said that CNG has not future in Pakistan as it costs too much to the nation.

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