Punjab budget presented in the assembly

In a special session of the parliament budget for the year 2013-14 was presented in the assembly. In his budget speech provincial Finance Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman outlined the priorities of the government in preparation of the budget. He said that the government wants to reduce waste, improve efficiency and transparency in government spending and increase the tax net to ensure that everyone contributes.

He said that to reduce supply/demand gap in electric power government of Punjab will initiate programs to generate power through baggas, coal fired thermal power plants and installation of solar power in Cholistan desert. He said that expenses of the CM office has been reduced by 30% while other government departments have been given the target to reduce their expenditure by 15%. He said that a commission is formed to re-size and re-structure the government departments to achieve higher efficiency. He said that except health, education, police and justice department a hiring freeze is imposed on all other departments. He said that no new car will be purchased for the government employees.

He said that digitization of the land records is progressing well and 12 out of 36 districts are completely digitized while the rest will be  completed in the fiscal year 2013-14. He said that 30 service delivery centers are established in 18 districts which are providing land records within one hour.

In terms of law and order improvement. He said that 100 police stations are converted into model stations and more will be added to this list.

He said that to improve employment among youth Rs. 3 billion are designated for small scale industries for youth. For youth internship program Rs. 1.5 has been allocated. In this program unemployed graduates are provided an stipend of Rs. 10000 per month.

During the month of Ramadan government of Punjab will provide Rs. 5 billion subsidy to poor citizens. Rs. 3 billion are designated for improvement of public transportation. Rs. 3 billion are designated for Ashiana Scheme in which homes will be allocated through computer balloting. Rs. 3 billion are allocated for construction of 6 more Danish schools. Rs. 1 billion are allocated for school councils while Rs. 1.5 billion are designated for female students scholarship programs. Punjab education foundation that provide support to students in private schools has been allocated Rs. 7.5 billion. A technology university will be established in Sialkot.

South Punjab Development Program (SPDP) to improve the infrastructure and economic uplift of the region. Following are the key figures of the budget:

Rs. 70.51 billion for law and order improvement

Rs. 1.44 billion for live stock improvement

Rs. 22.4 billion for agricultural development

Rs. 5.74 billion for jails

Rs. 82 billion for health

Rs. 40.59 billion for education

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