Attorney general defends immediate imposition of GST

Attorney General (AJ) of Pakistan Munir A Malik has defended the decision of the government to impose GST before the approval of budget by the national assembly. A case has been filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan to prevent the government from collecting the increased GST before the budget is approved by the parliament. Opposition leaders have also opposed the government’s decision in this regard.

Deputy parliamentary leader of PTI Shah Mehmood Qureshi has termed government action illegal. According to the arguments reported from the court, Mr. Munir Malik has emphasized that this practice has been in place since 1931.

Chief Justice in his questioning has asked the AJ how they can burden the citizen based on a colonial role and whether this action is breach of article 3 of the constitution. CJ also commented that the increase in GST has made the life miserable for people and has unleashed cost increase upon the poor.

AJ in his defense has said that the constitution gives government the right to increase or decrease a tax without recourse to the parliament for a legislative approval. He also stated that basic commodities like food and spices are exempt from GST to give relief to the poor.


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