PTI will dismantle PTI-L (lotas) by Abdul Q. Kundi

Friends and investors of Imran Khan that form PTI-L (lotas) believe in only one principle me, myself and my family. They also pursue the ideology of sherwani zindabad. Jahangir Tareen manipulated Bani Gala and bought Imran Khan to get a notification of Sec Gen which was illegitimate and unconstitutional. So he basically vacated an unconstitutional position and the next person that occupy this illegitimate position will have the same fate inshallah. None of these PTI-L (lotas) can prevent the development of PTI as an institution.

It is only a matter of time before PTI fully dismantle PTI-L (lotas) and we regain full control of our party and ideology. At every juncture, we have defeated the plans of PTI-L here is a short list of their failed attempts to control PTI:

– As soon as Justice Wajih as Chief of Election Tribunal issued an order to hold new party elections in 2014 they tried to refuse to comply. We did not let them continue in their positions. Imran Khan had to dissolve the whole organization within a week.

– Tasneem Noorani Election Commission (EC) which was autonomous and independent was not allowed to work by these PTI-L (lotas). They tried to gain access to the member’s database and used IK to pressure them but Tasneem Noorani decided to dissolve EC rather than allow a rigged election. We were in constant contact with the EC and assured them our full support not to let PTI-L gain access to member database.

– JKT, Shah Mehmood, Asad Umar, and Dr. Arif Alvi then manipulated IK to try to amend party constitution and hold a fake party election through the formation of very large illegal central committee. We rejected those committees and our supporters refused to be part of it. Eventually, these committees were dissolved because people responded to our call to boycott the meeting of that committee.

– Azam Swati is a very famous election rigger and vote buyer that was formally in JUI F. Many newspapers extensively reported his engagement in buying votes and horse trading for Senate elections. He was handpicked by Jahangir Tareen, Shah Mehmood, Dr. Arif Alvi and Asad Umar to deliver a fake and unconstitutional party election. They hastily organized a fake central council meeting where people refused to participate upon our request and foiled their attempt to amend party constitution illegally. No one has ever seen that amended constitution and it is still a secret document. No record of that meeting was maintained and it will be proven in a court of law. I submitted a petition in ECP as a citizen to take suo motu action against this fake party election. Another PTI member Yousaf Ali also filed a petition as a former elected office holder. ECP has ordered PTI-L to provide details of that fake party election.

– Party district teams refused to work with illegitimate and unconstitutional office holder upon our request. That is the reason after almost 9 months they could not find people to lead districts in Punjab and KP while in Sind and Balochistan it is only on paper.

All these successes to defeat the plans of PTI-L (lotas) would not have been possible without support from our grassroots activists. We thank all of them and I assure you that it is only a matter of time when PTI is liberated from opportunists of PTI-L (lotas).

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