President Trump recognition of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel & our options – Abdul Q Kundi

I have repeatedly said in my public statements that the era of America as a global leader has ended with the advent of President Trump. All his actions, since taking the oath of office, have been confirmation of this. He has so far rejected many multilateral agreements including Paris Climate agreement; threatening to pull out from NATO; threat to pull out of an international nuclear deal with Iran & continue sanctions despite agreement; rejecting American participation in TPP; and forcing re-negotiation of NAFTA are all unilateral actions without any regards for international diplomatic traditions, rules, and laws. In the light of these actions American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, despite advice from almost all partners and allies to abstain, is a unilateral act. It is further confirmation that America is no longer a world power as that comes with responsibility and respect for multilateralism and taking everyone along. This act yet again confirms that UN, in the eyes of America, is no longer a significant platform and its resolutions on the apartheid government of Israel bears no importance.

From the actions of President Trump, it is also clear that he has anti-Islam and anti-Muslim tendencies as apparent from his ban on immigrants from Muslim countries and inciting hatred against Muslims during his election campaign. His recent posting of anti-Muslim fake videos on tweeter was confirmation of that as well and even condemned by the British government. The unilateral action to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is also apparently meant to send a message to the Muslims around the world.

We have many peaceful means available to respond to this decision of United States to undermine Palestinian rights protected and guaranteed by UN resolutions. We can take following actions:

1. Muslim majority countries should put on review all security, trade and other pacts with the United States.
2. King and crown prince of Saudi Arabia can’t claim to be leaders of Muslim Ummah if they spend $300 billion on buying weapons from America that has no concern for the emotions and feelings of Muslim Ummah.
3. Muslims should petition UN that the membership of US on UN Security Council be suspended for rejecting UN resolutions on Israel and taking a unilateral decision about an internationally recognized dispute.
4. Muslim majority countries should demand that UN headquarters should be moved to a more neutral country that respects UN resolutions and does not ban Muslims.
5. Muslim majority countries should reach out to EU, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and China to develop a united diplomatic position in support of Palestine and rejection of the apartheid regime of Israel.

These are more peaceful means of rejecting American decision to support the apartheid regime of Israel while ignoring the sentiments of 1.5 billion Muslims. It is important that a clear message is sent to America about this decision.

About the author: Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi is the former President of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce-USA (PCC-USA) and member PTI Central Tarbiyat Council. He is authored three books titled Freedom by Choice, Lessons from Quran & Islamic Social Contract.

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