PPP wants derailment of Senate elections by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

There are five key positions of power in our democratic setup in the center. Prime Minister, President, Speaker of National Assembly, Leader of Opposition and Chairman of Senate. Out of these five PPP currently holds two offices that is Leader of Opposition and Chairman Senate. After next Senate elections, if it were held on time, PPP senators will fall from 26 to 19 and PML N numbers will rise from 27 to 29. So PML N will not have much difference in numbers whether Senate elections are held on time or not. But the real loss will be for PPP as it will lose spot of Chairman Senate and as expected after next General Elections leader of the opposition as well. This is a major crisis for PPP as they will lose all positions of power in the center and will be reduced to Sindhi nationalist party.

So what is Asif Zardari strategy? It is simple Imran Khan has repeatedly said he wants early election which is only possible if KP assembly is dissolved. Asif Zardari can dissolve Sind too. But then what if Punjab did not dissolve its assembly. The law says that Senate election for dissolved assemblies can be postponed but can continue for undissolved assemblies. So to create pressure on Punjab Dr. Zardari went to Dr. Tahir ul Qadri to ensure provincial political crisis is created so Punjab dissolves with them. Asif Ali Zardari has used up all political capital and is now willing to use its democratic credentials to pursue his politics. Under Chairmanship of Asif Ali Zardari PPP has lost all major elections and he can be singularly blamed for this decline of a national political party. Unnatural minus formula of politicians is a detriment to democratic evolution but minus Zardari is need of PPP if it wants to emerge again as a national party. Mr. Zardari is not a replacement of Benazir Bhutto and his refusal to relinquish control of the party to Bilawal has weighted heavily on emergence of his son as a national leader.

But this is Plan B of Dr. Zardari. The plan A is to put pressure on PML N to bargain for Chairman Senate position to be given to PPP. And as per some friends but unconfirmed he wants his Sister Faryal Talpur to become Chairman of Senate.

PML N, on the other hand, is playing cool. Dr. Zardari statements that PML N is desperate to talk to him is just brand marketing. He has nothing to offer to PML N. I am not suggesting PML N does not want to talk to him but they are not desperate. Because it is win-win for PML N. Sharifs are under pressure and everything is done to undermine them so that they don’t come out ahead in next elections. So if general elections happen they will take their chances and if it does not happen they will play the shaheed card.

PPP claim that passage of delimitation bill is not significant and will not delay general elections is a lie. They give an argument that elections can happen on last certified census. But they have no answer to the question what if the census is certified in April 2018 and ECP seeks 6 months for delimitation. That would certainly delay elections and provide the basis for extension of interim set up which has been the desire of undemocratic stakeholders.

Imran Khan and his incapable PTI-L (lotas) team know they can’t win general elections so derailment of the system is the only way they can wear their sherwanis.

Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq yesterday lamented that assemblies will not complete its term. He should blame its own party boss Nawaz Sharif and his parliamentarians for undermining parliament and delay everything until the 11th hour. He should have resigned as head of parliament a long time ago for his complete failure to make the parliament relevant.

I have stated for a long time that Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan are fake democrats and civilian dictators. They will do anything to serve their own political interests even if it cost the nation dearly and create political chaos.

So once again I request all other parties ANP, MQM, JI, QWP, JUI F, and many others that are not in the assemblies that there is a need for a limited dialogue so that democracy can continue and we can weaken the hold of civilian dictators.

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