Dawar Kundi complaints is a sample of what to come in PTI-L (lotas) – Abdul Q Kundi

Following press statement was issued by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi candidate NA-240 Karachi and former member of PTI Central Tarbiyati Council:

I know all characters in Ali Amin and Dawar Kundi political drama being played out on media because I worked in D I Khan for a year to help develop party Tanzim and lay groundwork for the eventual win in 2013 general elections. I applied for NA-24 D I Khan ticket and was honored by party grassroots by putting my name on the top of the list as well as PTI district President became a proposer on my ECP nomination form. I was also the only non-candidate and non-party title holder speaker in IK D I Khan election Jalsa. Award of 2013 general election tickets without merit was the first major failure of IK to meet expectations of PTI activists and voters. Same thing happened in D I Khan where tickets were awarded to cousins of Ali Amin which was for NA-24 Mustafa Kundi and NA-25  Dawar Kundi. Both of them are the close relative of him from his mother side who is from Kundi tribe. Today mauroosi siasat control D I Khan & Tank districts. Mustafa Kundi Nazim of Tank, Umar Amin Gandapur (brother of Ali Amin) Nazim of tehsil D I Khan, Ali Alizai (cousin of Sami Alizai MPA PK-65) Nazim of D I Khan district, Dawar Kundi MNA NA-25 and Ali Amin MPA PK64.

So why is Dawar Kundi now raising his voice against Ali Amin despite being cousins and beneficiary of baradari politics? I was in KP recently and the constituents of NA-25 Tank told me that they are not happy with the performance of Dawar Kundi who maintains a residence in NA-24 D I Khan. So here is my speculation. Dawar Kundi doesn’t want to contest on NA-25 but wants to contest on NA-24. But the problem is that Ali Amin wants to contest on NA-24 himself as he senses IK may form a government in 2018. Another cousin Faisal Karim Kundi wants to contest on NA-25 although he won NA-24 in 2008. He may support Dawar for NA-24 while seeking support for his candidature on NA-25 from him and his brother Nazim of Tank Mustafa Kundi. Another dynamic at play is that PML N may be in a position to form the provincial government in KP so the father of Dawar Kundi & former PML N minister, Amanullah Kundi may also be playing a hand in this situation. All this to me seems like just part of baradari politics and jostling for next elections. It is also possible that Dawar and some others may try to form a block to exert political pressure on IK for seat adjustment.

The net losers, of this situation, are the poor girl who is played like a ping pong by all politicians and Imran Khan whose reputation and goodwill is severely damaged by these PTI-L (lota) politicians. PTI-L (lotas) is not alone similar baradari jostling is already happening in PML N and PPP. Imran Khan is neither capable nor has the temperament to deal with these haggling and will be embarrassing himself. Promises are made to multiple people in most constituencies and those left out will be spilling the beans like Ayesh Gulalai and Dawar Kundi.

Allegations are leveled against me by many cult followers of IK that my public dissent against him is because I was not given a ticket for NA-24. My response to these allegations is always that I did not join PTI to do charity. The question is not that I want the ticket but that did I employ any unconstitutional means to get it. I was the top choice of PTI district team for NA-24 as well as I was one of the few candidates for Senate for whom people wrote to IK to award ticket. But IK overruled merit and due process to facilitate his blue-eyed that now speak publicly. We also speak publicly because all channels were closed upon us by IK despite our three years efforts to be heard.

We have no trust and confidence in IK to uphold merit. Now PTI is going to announce its own list of candidates and will not be supporting any candidate announced by PTI-L (lotas) and IK has to make a choice. Does he want to stand with PTI candidates or PTI-L candidates?

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