What was on planet earth before Hazrat Adam AS?

The Quran and hadith give a similar record of the making of Adam and Eve. Orchestrating the Quran with Sunni hadith can deliver the accompanying record. As indicated by the Quran, when Allah educated the holy messengers that he would put a successor on Earth, they doubted whether the human would bring about carnage and harm, yet He disclosed to them that He comprehended what they did not. He made Adam from mud and He revived him. Hadith include that he was named Adam after the mud he was made out of, or the skin (adam) of the earth

Coming back to the Quran, when Allah (God) requested that every one of the holy messengers prostrate before Adam, they all complied, aside from Iblis. He stated, “I am produced using fire, when Adam is from dirt. I am superior to him. I am not going to prostrate before him.”

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