Response to PM Nawaz media talk after JIT appearance by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Former member of PTI Chairman Adivsory Committee and Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Qayyum Khan Kundi issued statement in response to PM Nawaz Sharif media statement after appearance before JIT.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif appeared before JIT today to answer questions raised about his family assets. After the appearance, Prime Minister Nawaz made a statement to the media. In this statement, he reiterated that his rich family has been questioned about their assets for last forty years. He also said that there is a conspiracy against his government and that he is answerable to a larger JIT which is election mandate of the nation that will be held next year.

As a member of larger JIT, that is the nation, I want to ask following questions from the elected Honorable Prime Minister:

1. Why is it that for his family affairs, as claimed by him, the august office of the Prime Minister of the country is dragged in the mud? He should have resigned from his office to deal with this family affair. I am not demanding his resignation just raising this question because it is unfortunate that the office of the Prime Minister is losing its stature.

2. Why is it that families of party heads get richer while the nation gets poor with each passing year?

3. Why is it that if PML-N believes in democracy then its party leadership positions are handed over to sons and daughters as a family inheritance? Why can’t members of the larger JIT that is the nation run political parties as its head?

4. Why is it that PM feels larger JIT will give him mandate to rule while he has no respect for the parliament elected by same larger JIT? He does not feel compelled to communicate and talk to the parliament on national issues and policies.

5. Why is it that while rulers live in big palaces and can’t tolerate five minutes of heat when air conditioner trips off while a large majority of the nation can’t afford decent housing and bear long hours of load shedding?

6. Why is it that the farmer remains poor and struggling with subsistence living while feudal lords that are members of PML-N drive around in expensive cars and big air conditioned houses?

7. Why is it that labor remains relegated to the status of slaves while oligarch friends of the PM get a circular debt of billions paid to them without a proper audit?

8. Why is it that salaried class is burdened with taxes while rich friends of PM, feudal and industrial oligarchs, enjoy tax-free luxurious lives?

9. Why is it that fruits of democracy are delivered to the ruling elite while the nation at large remains struggling to have a dignified life?

While I hope PM will answer these questions when he appears before the larger JIT next year. I also want to highlight that today symbolically military, bureaucracy and judiciary were on one side and an elected Prime Minister on the other. This was a demonstration that elected office still does not enjoy the constitutional stature and dignity it is supposed to have.

The response of Imran Khan to Nawaz Sharif media talk was so pathetic that it does not even deserve a mention.

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