Illegitimate IPE is an effort by JKT and Asad Umar to control PTI: Abdul Q Kundi

Former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee and Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued following public statement about intra-party elections of PTI:

First of all, I want to once again thank all of those that rejected unconstitutional CEC which was nothing but a fraud. Supposedly the meeting approved an amendment to the constitution but the interesting part is no one saw these amendments. In other words, approval was given for something that did not exist at the time it was approved. The latest information is that draft of the amendment is prepared now. These incapable people make our job easy as all these violations will strengthen our case in ECP and Supreme Court.

Since majority has rejected this illegitimate IPE, JKT and Asad Umar are telling people that this IPE is nothing but an effort to get the election symbol from ECP. But I assure you that an illegal and unconstitutional act will not get them the symbol.

We have many constitutional options available through which a proper tanzeem is built and ECP gives us the symbol. But the problem is that JKT and Asad Umar are only interested in taking full control of PTI. Their plan is that JKT will control Punjab, PK will control KP and Asad Umar will control Sind through their cronies. They think that Pakistan is a banana republic where there are no laws so they can do anything they like. But it is not true anymore as is evident from the foreign funding case and Supreme Court rejection of Imran Khan money trail.

The unfortunate truth is that Imran Khan is not a uniter but a divider. Despite our repeated requests for dialogue and consensus building to unite the party, Imran Khan has rejected all these requests to facilitate JKT, PK, Asad Umar and their cronies. A divided party relying on lotas cannot win in general elections. We have a window of three months to unite the party and I once again request Imran Khan to initiate dialogue and consensus building.

Our list of candidates for next general elections is growing by the day. Please continue sending names to me. I assure you that no illegitimate office holder will be issuing the tickets. Tickets will be issued by legitimate and constitutional office holders.

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