Hamid Khan declare IPE is unconstitutional and illegitimate

Prominent constitutional lawyer and drafter of PTI constitution Hamid Khan has declared the IPE unconstitutional and illegitimate. He was speaking to a group of party members in Lahore on Friday where he made this announcement. We appreciate his support for our position and hope that he will remain committed to it.

A former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee & Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi said that the list of our supporters is growing by the day and now include almost all former elected CEC members and provincial presidents. This proves yet again that anyone participating in IPE will be violating party constitution and they will not have legitimate authority to issue party ticket. He said that Hamid Khan statement also proves that our legal case is strong if we decide to approach ECP and Supreme Court. We would request Hamid Khan and other members of Insaf Legal Forum (ILF) to help us build a party tanzeem based on party constitution. Their help is critical especially if we decided to approach the courts.

Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi who is leading the efforts to build a constitutional tanzeem of PTI also reiterated that in last three years, it is now abundantly clear that friends and investors of IK have no standing and support in the party grassroots. Since nominations started they could not find enough people to appoint district presidents. Then the unconstitutional CEC and CORE committee was rejected by most people. And now IPE is rejected by the majority. Their plan to control party through Bani Gala and districts through cronies as regional presidents will not succeed. Almost every analyst in the country has declared that PTI cannot win general elections on the back of electable. Rather the inclusion of these electable has severely damaged PTI.

Mr Kundi stated that there are many options available to meet the requirement of ECP based on party constitution. But those around IK are scared to lose their control of the party so they don’t want to consider it.

Both Asad Umar and JKT are dividers of the party as they want their cronies to be placed in most positions according to Mr. Kundi. We have always suggested a dialogue and consensus building to unite the party but both these people have told Ik to ignore it. It is because of their self-interest that party is now divided with majority standing with us.

He requested that once again I would request all of you to stop worrying about illegitimate IPE and focus on preparing for general elections. All prospective candidates should send their names and also start building their election campaigns on the ground.

The group of people seeking building of party tanzeem based on party constitution is lead by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi, former governor Punjab Ch Sarwar, former member PTI Finance Committee Saleem Jan, Former President of Sind Jahangir Rehman, former member of CEC Ali Asghar Khan, former Vice Chairman Hamid Khan, former member CEC Shahbaz Gul Shinwari, and former Additional Sec Gen Saifullah Niazi.

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