Asif Ali Zardari should get Nigar award for his acting of innocence: Abdul Q Kundi

Former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee and Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued following statement in response to Asif Ali Zardari interview in Pakistan Khappay on Bol News Network:


“I saw the choreographed interview of Janab Asif Ali Zardari in which with utmost masoomiat he has suggested that idea of giving a very large public park to a real estate builder is for the larger good. He did not explain what that larger good is. But he then went on to suggest that it is an international practice and that if something fishy was in the deal than this social media connected world will point it out. So here I am pointing it out to him.

First Mr. Zardari used the airplane of Bahria Complex to arrive from Dubai to Pakistan. There are plenty of selfies available as proof on social media. And I can assure you that plenty of commercial flights were available that day. Second Mr. Zardari is comfortably living in a big mansion in Bahria Town Lahore. I would like to know whether Mr. Zardari owns or rents that mansion. If he owns it through which income sources he paid for it. And if he rents it then is he keeping the receipts or not. The problem here is that the man in both these situations is the same man who got selected to manage the large park in Karachi that is worth gold in value. This same manin a jirga with saleem safi mentioned that he is building some large complexes on the lands owned by Mr. Zardari in Karachi. So I would like to remind Mr. Zardari that there is something called a conflict of interest.
I would like to say here that I am not blaming Mr. Zardari of any corruption. Who am I to do that? When NAB, FIA, High Court and Supreme Court all says Mr. Zardari is an honest man then who am I to call him otherwise or question his honesty. I just would like to know how can a man live like a King without any apparent income. I want that formula so that I can also have some luxuries in life. Yes, you can call me an envious man. Since I know he will not tell me his secret formula. I want Nigar Awards to give him an acting award for best actor of massomiat in the teleplay Pakistan Khappay.”
Here is the link to the drama Pakistan Khappay enjoy the acting:

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