Baqiat of PML Q and PTI by Abdul Q Kundi

It seems the confused people around IK are on the track to deliver good results to PML N in 2018 general elections. Since they issued unconstitutional notifications there have been many embarrassments for PTI: failed JKT jalsa in Sialkot; AJK elections loss of horses and lottas; ECP nominations without giving any consideration to PTI; handing over of PTI Punjab to PML Q; and now converting agitation to awareness drive. Why convert it to awareness and why start from Peshawar? Simple because PTI grass roots rejected these unconstitutional notifications and they need Patwaris of KP to have some respectable crowd.

The notification for Punjab PML Q regional presidents were signed by Chairman to impose them on us. Why would Chairman do it when there is an unconstitutional Sec Gen? Because all of them know he has no value and his title is not accepted by anyone. So they want to hide behind Chairman. Another interesting thing is that both IK and Naeem ul Haq said these regional presidents are not expected to win in general elections. Lol then why appoint them. Because JKT and SMQ/Saif want their partners to occupy these positions so no one else claims it. Amir Kiani is partner of Saif and journalist Ch. Ghulam Hussain said Ishaq Khakwani is employee of JKT.

Another embarrassment caused by them is the exposure of JKT and SMQ/Saif hired social media trolls throwing mud at each other. Apparently it seems that JKT hired trolls to create an impression that he is the best friend of IK. But now these same trolls trashing Chairman and saying they only accept JKT. Same will happen after 2018 general elections. All these horses and lottas recruited by PML Q regional presidents will say we reject IK and want JKT to be leader of the parliament. IK should be thankful that paid trolls exposed the plans because IK did not accept when we told him they are doing mera Sultan politics.

Many of you have asked why we are not doing something about these unconstitutional and illegitimate appointments. I want you to consider following:

  1. All unconstitutional notification are issued by chairman. So these status quo gang of 7 want us to have a conflict with Chairman directly. We are avoiding it as much as we can. So I sent messages to IK through his old trusted friends to initiate a dialogue. Let’s see what they bring back to us. In the mean time we will continue highlighting how incapable and inept these people are.
  2. All regional unconstitutional regional notifications are not issued yet including Sind and KP. Let them show their whole hand so all of you can see that the only criteria to fill these positions is cronyism and nepotism. They have no concern for the party and its constitution.

There are many that want these unconstitutional notifications and are willing to lick their boots for it. To those people all I want to say is that even if they do get a notification what will be the benefit of it. These PML Q type politicians are already rejected by the people in almost all elections. Let me remind your memory in NA-122 we challenged IK that he should prove IK+electable work. They lost it. Now they can say anything but that is the reality. Not only that before it NA-1, NA-71, NA-19, and NA-154 were also losses. LG elections even independents won more seats than PTI.

Inshallah soon we will liberate the party from these baqiat of PML Q and prepare it for 2018 general elections. Only PTI can win in 2018 as PTI-Q has lost all elections so far.

What Next?

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