Involving PTI in drafting TOR by Abdul Q Kundi

Following is my press statement about Parliamentary Committee on TOR and Ehtisab law:

It seems we are going to continue making political errors. Our latest error is to agree on a joint parliamentary committee to prepare TOR. Instead of one there should have been two committees. One from opposition and the other government. In opposition committee PTI should have retained 33% representation as second largest opposition party. Now we are only one member of 12 which means no influence at all.

We don’t know on what basis SMQ was selected to represent PTI despite his repeated failure to represent party effectively. Since Chairman has consented to it we will accept this appointment but only if drafts of TOR and minutes of parliamentary meeting are discussed inside the party before any decisions are made.

We understand that public discussions may not be possible so we suggest that these details shared with following individuals:

  1. Saleem Jan who is a former senior banker.
  2. Firdous Shamim Naqvi who has extensive experience in international business and joint ventures
  3. Mo Iqbal, who is an accountant in England and familiar with laws there

These people have consented to provide their expert views on TOR and other draft regulations. We may add one or two more people to the list if found appropriate.

SMQ has to understand that without consulting party any decision or position will be considered his personal view and not the party position. In absence of consultation we are not bound to support or accept a policy.

We are always here to help party regain its foothold and trust of voters. IK continued reliance on PTI-Q has damaged the party severely. We hope this time he will engage PTI in the process.

What Next?

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