PTI ideological members win as independents in KP LG elections

PTI presented itself as a party of merit and honest politics but it seems inside the party these principles are not upheld. Unofficial results of KP LG elections include many independent candidates that belong to the party but were not given ticket by the party. On the other hand brothers of many PTI incumbent MPAs were defeated by ideological members who voted for candidates that met their criteria. Some of those that lost elections were brother of Education Minister Atif Khan and MPA from Peshawar Yasin Khalil.

When contacted PTI members said that repeated requests were made to party Chairman to uphold merit in award of LG tickets but these pleas were ignored. They also said that former President of KP Azam Swati sold tickets for LG elections to MPAs to gain their support in senate election. One of the leading PTI activists Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi said that the winning formula for PTI is to adhere to party ideology and adopt merit in award of tickets. He said that PTI as an organization can win next general elections in the leadership of Chairman Imran Khan if merit is upheld and honest people are given opportunity to lead. He said that people of Pakistan are tired of status quo electables and want new leadership to come up and it was for this reason they supported PTI. When asked about the Election Tribunal and Justice Wajihuddin, Mr. Kundi applauded and appreciated the efforts of the retired judge. He said that Chairman Imran Khan should work closely with Justice Wajih.

Chairman Imran Khan recently announced an interim organization that include same people that were running the party earlier.

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