JC summons ROs, PTI hesitant to present its Chairman as a witness

Judicial Commission formed to inquire into systematic rigging in 2013 elections today summoned 7 Returning Officers (ROs) that were involved in constituencies were PML Q candidates lost their elections. Counsel of PML Q Khalid Ranjha made statements in front of the JC on Monday that ROs did not tabulated results in front of the representatives of the candidates and hence engaged in election mal practices. Upon this the head of the JC Chief Justice Nasir ul Mulk instructed that Lahore High Court should issue summons to the seven ROs to appear before the commission.

PTI Counsel Hafiz Pirzada sought one more day to decide whether Chairman Imran Khan will be presented as a key witness or not. The task force formed by PTI is headed by veteran politician Ishaq Khakwani. Mr. Khakwani suggested that a decision will be taken in this regard after consultations among party leadership. Member of PTI and vocal activist of the party Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi advised the party to refrain from presenting Chairman as a key witness rather Asad Umar, JKT or Pervez Khattak should be presented as a witness. Asad Umar was the first PTI leader to concede elections to PML N on the night of the elections when early results suggested win for PML N to emerge as a majority party.

JC is expected to make a decision by mid of June concluding the mandate assigned to it by a presidential ordinance.

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