PTI Election Tribunal headed by Justice Wajih reject interim appointments

According to party sources Election Tribunal of PTI headed by Justice Wajih issued an order in which it rejects the interim appointments made by Chairman Imran Khan. Earlier PTI activists expressed strong reservations about appointment of an interim rather than care taker set up ordered by the party election tribunal. The interim set up announced by Chairman Imran Khan included Ch. Sarwar as organizer from Punjab while Rai Azizullah was deputy organizer; Dr. Arif Alvi as organizer for Sindh and Iftikhar Soomro as deputy organizer; Yousuf Ayub as organizer for KP and Fazal Khan as deputy organizer; and Humayun Jogazai as organizer for Balochistan and Qasim Khan Suri as deputy organizer.

Party activists rejected appointed of Yousuf Ayub because he was disqualified from his MPA seat by the Supreme Court while there were serious rigging allegations against Fazal Khan in last intra-party elections.

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