Apr 2: PTI Parliamentary board and criteria for candidates by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Yesterday a PTI Parliamentary Board meeting was held at Bani Gala for considering criteria and process for allocation of tickets. According to media reports, the criteria will be truthfulness, loyalty to the party, resources to contest elections, and ability to win elections. It was also decided that applications will be considered online for a fee of Rs. 100,000 for NA and 50,000 for PA tickets.

This criterion raises more questions than provide answers about the selection of candidates. For example, Who is loyal to the party Fauzia Kasuri or an electable that joined the party a few weeks ago? How can parliamentary board members be fair when they themselves are candidates and also have favorite candidates to promote? Should people apply to constituencies where ticket commitments are already given by PTI even before the process was announced? These are almost 60% constituencies of Punjab, KP, and Sind. If PTI did not take care of these concerns then we are heading towards chaotic times for the party. I am already labeled as disloyal to the party because I speak up. So I don’t know what are my chances of getting a ticket for NA249 Karachi from where I will inshallah contest.

We have been discussing criteria for PTI candidates for 2018 general elections. After consultations we came up with the following criteria:

– A person with a good reputation in the constituency in terms of honesty, capability, compassion for people, and passion serving the community.

– Only one person per family will be given a ticket for MPA or MNA. For exceptions, there should be an exceptions committee to approve or disapprove it. The reasons for exceptions have to be agreed by other probable candidates.

– Party activists support the person and consider him a capable candidate

– A person should have resources himself or can prove availability of resources to contest the election

– A person should be a coalition builder both inside and outside the party to create support for his win in elections. He/She should be able to develop election organization including a team of volunteers, especially for election day management.

PTI members will extend full support to all candidates that meet this criterion for their win in general elections. We have proven repeatedly that even electable can’t win elections without support from PTI as we hold the winning margin of votes. Criteria for Women Reserved seats will also be announced at an appropriate time.

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