Mar 8: Civilian dictators promote horse trading by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

PTI members will support the candidature of Raza Rabbani as Chairman Senate if two conditions are met. First that he should be a consensus candidate and second that deputy Chairman Senate should be given to Balochistan. If Raza Rabbani is not acceptable as consensus candidate then we will stick to our original demand that Chairman Senate should be from Balochistan and Mir Hasil Bazenjo can be one of the probable candidates. But we are open to other names from Balochistan as well.

In last few days it is once again confirmed that parties are controlled by civilian dictators and their decisions promote horse trading in Senate, National Assembly, and Provincial Assemblies. Everyone is blaming MPAs for selling their votes but no one is talking about tickets sold to billionaires and loyalists by civilian dictators Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, and Imran Khan. Why should MPAs vote for ticket holders when no merit and due process is employed by the parties to award tickets? When party heads sell tickets then why MPAs should not sell their votes?

Not only that these civilian dictators also cannot tolerate dissent even if it is based on party ideology and principles. Asif Ali Zardari is punishing Farhatullah Babar and Raza Rabbani because they dared to speak independently and representing the ideology of PPP. Farhatullah Babar was aware that Mr. Zardari will not appreciate his farewell speech in Senate so he resigned from his position of spokesman before delivering it. Raza Rabbani candidature as a consensus candidate is rejected by Mr. Zardari because he refused to serve his interests on the floor of the Senate. Nawaz Sharif has sidelined Ch Nisar because he publicly disagreed with him. Imran Khan, as usual, wants to punish MPAs but refuse to answer the question on what basis party tickets were awarded for Senate except that most of them are rich people.

Nawaz Sharif is now projecting himself as a Democrat and talk about supporting legislation to curb horse trading but I doubt if he is serious about it because that would mean the end of his control of PML N. The first step in curbing horse trading is the introduction of merit and due process in the award of party tickets. Party members should have a majority voice in the award of party tickets.

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