Mar 28: Saqib Nisar meeting with PM Abbasi by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Yesterday and today the whole media was abuzz about the surprise meeting of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Chief Justice Saqib Nisar. Most comments on social media suggested that PM Abbasi went there to seek NRO for ousted PM Nawaz Sharif. That speculation was addressed when Nawaz Sharif made an aggressive comment about the judiciary in a media talk outside Ehtisab Court today. Another speculation was that the meeting was about Bajwa doctrine which some suggested want clean up of the political act through an extension of the term of the interim government with help from the judiciary. This was shot down by DG ISPR who in his press conference today suggested Bajwa Doctrine is only about securing our borders and has no political angle to it. He also did not give a clear answer whether two meetings happened between COAS Bajwa and CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif or not.

What does all this mean? I have always maintained that we are tribal society and this confirms yet again that we are a tribal society. Meetings are happening between tribal chiefs. They are concerned about powers of the other tribe while their own tribe is not performing its constitutional function. The meetings are more about extending, preserving and protecting their tribe rather than deliberate about how the issues of the people can be solved. It is about interests of the tribe rather than about interest of the people. It is about the doctrine of necessity rather than the rule of law and upholding of the constitution in letter and spirit.

From all this activity it seems that some form of understanding is being worked out between tribal chiefs. All of us will work on the same salaries while the tribal Chiefs and their cronies will continue holding the cake and eat it too. I will not call it NRO because these tribal arrangements have been happening since we got independence from Gora Sahib and became a colony of the brown sahib.

What Next?

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