Mar 11: Chairman Senate from Baluchistan is losing its purpose by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

We were the first to propose that Chairman Senate should be from Balochistan and later everyone jumped on the bandwagon. We made that proposal despite knowledge that the office does not hold substantial political power. We made that proposal because Senate is a symbol of federation and for last 70 years that position was denied to Balochistan. it is a lame argument that since office lacks political power so it there is no point giving it to Balochistan. If that is the case why PML N and PPP are willing to grab it by hook or crook now and in the past. We wanted to develop a counter-narrative to the one promoted by our adversaries in Europe and USA that Balochistan is not part of the federation. But all this is lost in the way haggling is going on for Chairman Senate. Balochistan has once again become a center of power contest between civilian dictators Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari, and Imran Khan as well as political engineers. This will tarnish the image of Senate as well as its Chairman.

Through this public message, I request all party heads to stop this ego contest. I have proposed the name of Hasil Bazenjo because his National Party has been representing people of Balochistan for a long time. He deserves the support of both PML N and PPP because he was used as a card in 2015 Senate Chairman election when both these parties got their name and dropped him at the last minute. I think many other parties will also support his candidature. Lastly, I do not support Imran Khan nominating an independent as it will undermine political parties and democracy. Election of an independent as Chairman Senate will also encourage more independents to contest in 2018 General Elections which will fragment National Assembly.

I hope this proposal will be favorably considered by all parties and end the drama around Senate Chairman election for the larger interest of the nation.

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