Two Bhashans & Crisis in Baluchistan by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

As you all know this is a Bhashan (election) Year so yesterday two bhashans were delivered. One by Mian Nawaz Sharif in Kot Momin and the other in Chakwal by Imran Khan. There were many common features in both. Both were devoid of depth and heavy on emotional opium. Both projected themselves as Supermen who take credit for everything that has happened in the country. Both believe that if they were not given another chance then the future of the country is bleak. Both believe that the nation comprised of people that can be fooled all the time. But the reality is that both are incapable to solve the crisis faced by the nation. They have developed teams that are loyal to them and stoke their egos rather than have the merit and capability to offer candid advice. PML N, PTI-L (lotas) and PPP are a problem of this country as civilian dictatorships rather than a solution.

The tone and tenor of political speeches suggest that the political instability and chaos will remain even after next general elections. As both PTI-L (lotas) and PML N will claim the election was snatched from them through a deliberate effort. So I once again repeat my earlier suggestion that a dialogue should be held among all parties before we enter the general election cycle if we want to avoid instability.

The other crisis is looming in Balochistan which is not a surprise really. In Balochistan, we do not have a democracy but a Sardari systems where Sardars & political heirs manage elections to keep control of the resources of the province and subjugate its people. These Sardars win elections through control of election staff and the ballot box. After winning elections. they offer their services to anyone that can pay the price for it. They also play establishment against the political parties to negotiate the top price for their votes. So the current crisis through no-confidence motion is just another way of bargaining for perks and benefits before entering new election cycle. Some editorial is pointing towards establishment behind it to derail Senate elections. But I think PML N itself may benefit from this false crisis as the media attention will be diverted from PAT deadline of Jan 7th to seek the resignation of Rana Sanaullah and CM Punjab. The presence of NAP, JUI F, and PkMAP MPAs suggest that it will be managed after these parties are bought. The numbers heavily favor that PML N can manage it. But the real crisis of Balochistan to liberate it from Sardari system will remain unresolved. Pakistan cannot progress unless Balochistan progresses which is not possible until people are liberated from the slavery of Sardars or other vested interests.

What Next?

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