Thank you PTI members for rejecting PTI-L by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Alhamdulillah PTI members respected our decision and did not join in the protest on Mall Road Lahore. We want to especially thank our teams in Lahore, Gujranwala, and Sialkot. Our purpose was to send a clear message that PTI will not offer muft support to PTI-L (lotas). It is clear that PTI-L is zero without PTI support and is just a collection of political garbage.

We announced on Jan 8th that PTI members will not participate in this meaningless dharna & beyond. To counter our announcement on Jan 12th Imran Khan announced that PTI-L will participate in the dharna with full force. Every analyst and opinion maker confirmed that PTI members rejected to participate upon our request.

We have proven many times that PTI-L is nothing without PTI. We have also said it repeatedly that PTI belongs to people of Pakistan and millions of party members sacrificed to develop it. In 2014 Dharna 12 young men of the party lost their lives in various accidents. We can’t allow all these sacrifices be wasted and let one man decide the fate of the party through his wrong political decision. So our message to Imran Khan is very clear PTI will not support PTI-L in general elections and there should be a dialogue to unite the party. As a top leader of the party, it is his responsibility to unite the party. While he remains rigid in his politics, we will not wait for him and continue working to develop PTI. We will announce our candidates and manifesto for 2018 general elections and illegitimate officeholders cannot issue tickets to PTI-L using PTI as a front.

We have a challenge ahead of us as it is not easy to defeat the octopus of PML N in general elections. They have their cronies installed in thana, kucheri, and other places. They also have a large amount of money to spend on an election. But it is not impossible to defeat them if we prepare properly. So let us all focus on preparing for 2018 general elections which are scheduled for July-Aug 2018. We do not have any time to waste. All candidates should exert their energy on developing the election organization in their constituencies. Our district teams know who are the probable candidates and should work with them to develop election organization. Also start holding planning meetings to assign tasks to voter outreach, marketing, and coalition building.

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