Imran khan in state of denial & ppp confirms – Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

When we issued the statement that PTI members will not participate in PAT protests that made Imran Khan very angry as he likes total control as a civilian dictator. It is because party members now pay attention and follow our advice. Yesterday in his press conference he tried to deny our position by stating that PTI will participate in PAT protest with full force. No one asked him what does full force mean. Does it mean 2.7 million PTI members will join the protests or that all his lotas will join his celebrity entourage? On Thursday he sent Jahangir Tareen and Aleem khan to PAT meeting who have no standing in PTI and represent what we call PTI-L (lotas). Recently PTI had a workers convention in Lahore and Aleem Khan was not even invited to it. Reality is that PTI is now moving away from Imran Khan’s wrong politics and repeated breach of promises. I am grateful and thankful to PTI members for supporting our position.

Imran Khan is not leading PTI anymore as he has decided to lead PTI-L (lotas). The only way he can save face in PAT protest is to give PTI flags in the hands of PAT mureed as no PTI members will be joining him.

Yesterday both Khursheed Shah and Asif Ali Zardari made statements that suggest they are creating distance with PAT position which confirms my earlier statement that PPP members do not want to join PAT protests. If Mr. Zardari claims he is helping Dr. Qadri to get justice for Model Town police brutality then he should create a legal team of Farooq  Naek, Aitzaz Ahsan, and Latif Khosa to file a petition under 184(3) of suo moto powers to seek daily hearing of model town case. I will only believe PPP is serious about joining PAT protest when Khursheed Shah and Bilawal together visit Dr. Qadri and announce it.

PTI and PPP members are democrats and want their parties to focus on next general elections rather than engage in meaningless protests that create instability and chaos. Only with the good preparation, they can defeat the civilian dictatorship and monarchy of PML N. The bad governance of PML N is now clear every day as they can’t manage a small crowd of protestors, provide protection to citizens, and handing over CM Baluchistan position to a person who got 594 votes which is 1.8% of registered voters in that constituency. CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif meeting parents of Kasur child molestation and murder victim Zainab under cover of darkness is also an indication that they have lost support of people.

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