Bilawal speech in Rawalpindi was nothing but an election year bhashan: Abdul Q Kundi

Former President of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce-USA and Member PTI Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued following response to Bilawal Zardari speech in Rawalpindi:

I have informed all of you that we are in the Bhashan (election) year. So you will be hearing a lot of Bhashan from the so-called leaders of this country. Yesterday was an opportunity for Bilawal Zardari to deliver his Bhashan to the nation during 50th-anniversary jalsa of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). In the speech, the inexperienced leader of PPP proclaimed that his party wants to make Pakistan a social welfare state. But this is an empty promise because if he really believed in social justice then he would have established a personal example by not accepting an inherited party position at the top and start at the bottom of the party rather he endorsed class divide by putting himself above others as an elite. His social welfare state could not be established in Sind where forced conversions and child marriages are common much more than the three other provinces combined. His party relies on feudal lords of Sind that maintain their private jails. Finally, I was the only politician that called Faizabad Dharna a fitna as well as a parliamentary review of the surrender of state while all these so-called leaders Asif Zardari, Bilawal Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan adopted the policy of appeasement of religious intolerance. They decided to succumb to intolerance rather than stand up to them and push them back.

After Bilawal speech, I saw quite mature political analysts that have decades of experience celebrating this Bhashan which is nothing but hollow words as a good initiative by PPP. The dilemma of these center-left analysts is that they feel orphaned and has no home to call their own. To them, I want to say that the only center-left party is PTI and our political activism of last four years has confirmed that time and again. PTI-L (lotas) lead by Imran Khan is a party of the extreme right as evident from his support for a madrassah linked with Taliban; his demand for office for TTP rather than a military action; and his appeasement of religious intolerance in Faizabad Dharna. PPP is a party of center-left in words but is a party of center-right in its actions as mentioned above. PML N is a party of the extreme right as evident from the speech of Capt Safdar and their surrender of the government to religious intolerance in Punjab and in Faizabad Dharna.

Inshallah PTI manifesto for 2018 will also confirm that it is the only party that represents the ideals and views of center-left by supporting poor farmers, labor, and educated middle class as well as establish merit and good governance.

Following is the link to Bilawal Zardari speech:


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